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Cheapest SR22 Insurance in Ohio

SR22 Bond of Ohio is a division of Jaffery Insurance Agency, INC. We are specialists in helping people legally drive in the state of Ohio. The following information will help you to find out more about SR22 Bonds in the state of Ohio.


The most common reason one might need to obtain cheap SR22 insurance is when their license has been revoked or suspended at one time or another due to a DUI, DWI, or other major moving violation. Additionally, a judge may order an SR22 bond when there have been lapses in auto insurance coverage. In most cases, obtaining the proper SR22 coverage is as simple as filling out some forms online. SR22 Bond of Ohio provides the best quotes and can help you choose the right one for your needs and requirements.

Why Do You Need an SR-22 Insurance Bond?

Another reason why you may need an SR22 bond is when you have had your license revoked or suspended for one reason or another and you want to have it reinstated in the state of Ohio. If your insurance is canceled a judge may also order you to obtain SR22 insurance.

If you don’t own your own vehicle, you may still be required to obtain non-owner SR22 insurance. Such a scenario is often only required for those considered “high-risk” drivers or who have had their driver’s license suspended previously. Drivers with non-owner SR22 insurance will be covered if they rent or borrow a vehicle from friends or family. Not every insurance provider offers non-owner SR22 insurance. However, at SR22 Bond of Ohio we help you to quickly obtain non-owner SR22 insurance

Affordable SR22 Insurance Quotes

To obtain an affordable SR22 bond quote, you’ll need to search for places that offer the cheapest SR22 insurance in Ohio, like SR22 Bond of Ohio. This will usually be when you’ve had an administrative hearing in front of a judge or have been required to undergo a probationary period before having your license reinstated. You’ll be ordered to submit an SR22 form and also required to notify your insurance provider.

Your insurance provider will then file the form with the Ohio State Department of Motor Vehicles on your behalf. You should notify and request your insurance providers to file the form on your behalf as soon as it’s ordered, as failure to do so in a timely manner can result in additional penalties. Please note that it can take up to several weeks for the DMV to process such a request.

Period for Which You Need SR22 Insurance

The length of time you’ll be required to have SR22 insurance varies from driver to driver. This is for several reasons, the first being the severity of your infraction. The standard length of time is three years, but serious DUI violations can call for an SR22 bond of five years. Additionally, if you’re involved in another DUI, DWI, accident, or moving violation while driving with SR22 insurance, the requirement may be extended.

Cost of SR22 Insurance

At SR22 Bond of Ohio, all filing fees are included in the overall cost when you purchase your SR22 insurance. We shop for the best rates for you.  The cost of your SR22 bond depends on your past driving history, and which insurance company provides the best quote for you.  In nearly all cases, even if you’re required to obtain your SR22 insurance for several years, you’ll only need to pay the fee once along with a down payment. Also, this needs to be renewed every year to avoid penalties.

We Reinstate Your License After You Obtain SR22 Insurance

After you’ve obtained SR22 insurance, you’ll need to pay any fees associated with reinstatement, in addition to any other existing fines associated with your driving record. Once you have filed your SR22 bond, you’ll be able to have it faxed to you immediately, and then you can go in person to the Ohio DMV to have your license reinstated or have us send it for you.

Why Choose SR22 Bond of Ohio?

At SR22 Bond of Ohio, we make obtaining SR22 insurance extremely simple. All you need to do is fill out the form on our website and we take care of the rest. Once we receive your application we’ll communicate directly with the Ohio BMV to obtain your SR22 Bond and fax or mail your bond to them.

We are the only Ohio company

The SR-22 is not traditional automobile insurance.  It is a bond or a filing made by one of our many insurance companies to the state of Ohio proving you have at least the state minimum required amount of liability.  This allows you to legally drive in the State of Ohio. This SR22 bond provides you with the cheapest, least expensive insurance protection allowed by the State of Ohio.

The State of Ohio requires all drivers to show financial responsibility.  With the SR-22 bond insurance, if there is an accident due to negligence on your part, the injured party is guaranteed compensation that will cover some or all the damages incurred.

The SR22 Bond provides $25,000 bodily injury for any 1 person injured / $50,000 bodily injury per accident when 2 or more people are injured, and $25,000 in property damage liability coverage in the event you are at fault in an accident.  It covers you as a driver. An SR22 bond does not cover the car you are driving or the car you own.  An SR22 bond will not provide medical coverage for you or anyone else in the vehicle you are driving at the time of the accident.  All damages beyond the $75,000 limit (state minimum of liability) are your responsibility.

With our state of the art systems we can not only offer you the cheapest possible cost of SR22 insurance, but what we call our Instant SR22 Bond,  SR-22 Insurance Bond in less than 5 minutes!  You can print out your SR22 in the privacy of your own home or office.

If you get pulled over without proof of insurance, you’re screwed.  The length of the first suspension will be 90 days with a $150 fine.  For a second offense it’s a year suspension with a $300 fine.  For a third offense it’s a two year suspension with a $650 fine.  Also, even if you don’t get pulled over, Ohio law requires the BMV to randomly check 5% of all vehicle owners to make sure they meet the minimum financial responsibility requirements.  If you ignore this notice, they will suspend your driver’s license and impound your certificate of registration and license plates.

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