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Free Ohio Driver’s License Reports - SR22 Bond Of Ohio

Finally it's easy to get your Free Ohio Drivers License Report!

The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) now offers a free driver’s license check in Ohio. By filling out a few simple pieces of information online, drivers can obtain their Free Ohio Drivers License Report from the Ohio BMV within minutes. This free driving record details the individual’s past two years of driving disqualifications and suspensions; however, it should be noted that the Ohio BMV also offers a 3-year driving record, which is available online for the small fee of $5.00.

You will need the following Drivers Information:

  • Ohio Driver License / I.D. Number
  • Date of Birth
  • First Letter of your Last Name
  • Last 4 digits of your Social Security Number

What Your Ohio Driver’s License Report Covers

Your free Ohio driver’s license check outlines a few valuable pieces of information that will inform your Ohio SR22 bond and provide all of the information you need to drive legally in Ohio based on your specific driving limitations, past charges, and other details.

Your Driver’s License Report will include the following information:

  • Motor vehicle accident reports
  • Moving violation convictions
  • Driver identification information
  • Driver’s license renewals and replacements
  • Past driving suspensions
  • All other causes for disqualification

How to Access Your Driving Record

To get your free driver’s license check showing your Ohio driving record, click on the above link to the Ohio BMV online service page, then select “View your driving record.” You will then be prompted to fill out a short form where you will enter the aforementioned personal information.

Accessing Your Report Without a License or Identification Card

If you do not have a license or ID card in your possession, you will still be able to check your driver’s license status in Ohio if you have received a letter from the Ohio BMV. When prompted to enter your Ohio driver’s license number in the online form, you may instead enter the number that was provided to you in the letter to get your report showing your driving record over the past three years.

If you require an SR22 Bond in the state of Ohio, do not hesitate to obtain your free online Ohio Driver’s License Report so that our team can help you begin the process.